At Marca Via, our mission is to inspire people to create impactful rite of passage events for friends and family on the cusp of major life transitions.



Our Journey

At Marca Via, our mission is to inspire people to create impactful rite-of-passage events for friends and family on the cusp of major life transitions.

The idea for our company began when we created and held coming-of-age events for each of our three children, at age 13, to complement their religious coming-of-age rites of passage. It struck us at that time that there were life lessons we really wanted to reinforce with our kids – about character traits, values, and skills. We wanted to bring together our community of family and friends to help us teach these lessons, celebrate our children’s coming-of-age phase, and share their own wisdom about life with our kids.

The events were impactful in many ways. They gave us an opportunity to reinforce, in a fun and memorable way, lessons we felt were integral to our children developing into healthy, happy, and successful adults. The coming-of-age events also helped us strengthen the bonds of our community, both as a group and as a support network for our children, by inviting them to be involved in planning and putting on these rite-of-passage events. As the old saying goes, “it takes a village to raise a child.” That is certainly still true today, and these events helped us garner the support, wisdom, and guidance of our community for our children.

As we shared our experiences with others, it became clear that there is a real hunger in our society to be more intentional about how we teach our children to be happy, healthy, and responsible adults. From these conversations, it also became clear that not everyone in America wants to teach the same lessons! After all, we’re a pluralistic society made up of people from all around the world with different values and skills we believe are important to success. Yet it struck us that even though what we teach may vary, how we teach these lessons could follow a common approach.

Another interesting discovery was that the more people we talked to about our coming-of-age events, the more people responded that our model could work for celebrating other important life transitions such as getting married, having a child, getting divorced, changing careers, retiring, and even facing death.

This is how we came to create the Marca Via framework for marking life’s moments. We call them Marca Via moments. (Marca Via means “mark the path” in Latin.)

Our Core Values

Be Intentional

We are thoughtful and deliberate about how we navigate and celebrate life transitions in order to tap the deep growth and connection potential of these important chapters in our lives. Some things are just too important to leave to luck or chance.

Build Community

Humans gain strength from community. No matter how “modern” our society may be(come), we work to build community because these connections and relationships are fundamental to our wellbeing as individuals and as a society. Strong societies are made up of strong communities comprised of strong families and individuals. We want to help you strengthen each link in that chain.

Foster Inclusion

Each and every person faces major changes in their life, so each and every person can benefit from Marca Via-inspired events that help them learn, connect, and thrive with life transitions. The Marca Via model is designed to be accessible and useful for people from all walks of life.
Our vision is perhaps a bold one

We want to spark a movement in America where people in our society mark life’s moments – those times of major life changes – by gathering community together to provide support, guidance, and celebration for life transitions. As with any grassroots movement, it starts with a single step – in this case, a single event. We hope you jump in and join the Marca Via movement with us!

What Will Your Marca Via Moment Look Like?

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