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Adaptability and Resilience

25 minutes

Adaptability; resilience in the face of change/challenges; compassion for people with disabilities

People’s lives can change dramatically at any time due to age, injury, or disease. In this challenge, you will simulate two everyday tasks that the emerging adult must complete, either with the dominant arm tied behind his or her back or blindfolded. For example, with the dominant arm tied behind the back, have the honoree make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and have him or her get dressed, buttons and laces included. If you want to incorporate more involvement by the group, have one or more members of the coming-of-age team participate in the activities. You can turn it into a race or you can simply have everyone try to accomplish the tasks.

Table, peanut butter, jam, butter knives, loaves of bread, button-up shirts, shoes with laces, ropes for tying arm behind the back or blindfolds for eyes

To emphasize adaptability and resilience have everyone discuss their experience with the exercise – what was hard about it?; did you find a way to adjust to successfully accomplish the task?; did anything surprise you?; how would you need to adapt in your everyday life if you could no longer ________ (see, have use of your arm/leg. etc.)? To emphasize the lesson about compassion you may want to follow this exercise with a discussion about disabilities: What types of disabilities are there? (physical, mental, or emotional such as depression or eating disorders, and hidden disabilities such as diabetes or epilepsy); how may living with a disability affect a person’s life?; what is the proper etiquette for providing assistance to someone with a disability? (always ask first; assist, but don’t take over).

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