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All Women Are Beautiful

20 minutes

Embracing your uniqueness; overcoming fears and insecurities

Prior to the coming-of-age event, ask three women to showcase their lives when they were 13 years old and as they are today by providing photos of then and now, and by writing a story about themselves then and now that includes anecdotes about their successes, accomplishments, fears, and insecurities. The descriptions will be read out loud while showing the photo of their 13-year-old self. Have the honoree guess who the story is about and describe what she likes/admires/respects about the person described. Then the photo of the woman today will be revealed. Conclude by reading a description of the honoree and what she is like and unveiling a picture of her.

Photos of featured women (age 13 and current), individual narratives, easel, easel pad, pens, tape to hang photos, photo and narrative of the emerging adult

The person leading this activity should interview friends and family prior to the event and write up the narrative about the emerging adult. This is a great test for showing a young person that everyone has strengths as well as vulnerabilities, and that part of the process of growing up is learning how to embrace your uniqueness, learning from your mistakes, and overcoming your fears.

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