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If You Need Something Done, Ask a Busy Person

30 minutes

Multi-tasking; good listening skills; calm under pressure; accountability. (This test is very adaptable to a variety of lessons and character traits depending on the scenarios you choose to create.)

This is a classic multi-tasking activity that challenges the young person to keep his/her head when chaos breaks out! Set a time limit for the challenge and then create a variety of “interruptions” that will occur as the honoree is trying to prepare a family meal. Here are some ideas: the family dog has an accident that must be cleaned up (does the honoree wash his/her hands before going back to the food preparation?); a friend stops by unannounced and wants to talk about a problem (will the emerging adult listen sensitively, but also eventually find a way to graciously end the conversation and get back to cooking the meal?); the boss calls and asks where the report is that was due which is needed for the board meeting in five minutes (will the honoree honestly explain what happened and take responsibility for ensuring the report gets to the boss on time?); a (fictitious) child comes running in with an badly scraped knee (will the honoree clean, disinfect and bandage the injury, soothe the child, and send him/her back out to play?). There are many layers and opportunities for this challenge, but the general gist is to test whether the emerging adult can multi-task with grace and confidence.

Props and volunteers are needed for this challenge depending on the scenarios you create. Lots of fun because everyone can get involved!

Lots of acting involved in this challenge so provide participants with the background scenario for them to play their part.

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