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Home Improvement Project (Oh, and Watch the Kids)

30 minutes

Basic assembly skills (including following instructions); taking care of young children; patience; flexibility; sense of humor!

This is one of those tests that appears to be straight forward, but then you add a little twist to raise the level of difficulty and test additional skillsets. Provide your child with something he or she has to assemble within a specific timeframe, for example building a bookcase from Ikea within 30 minutes. Then, just as the challenge is beginning, introduce a couple of young children into the picture and announce that the emerging adult has to build the bookcase AND take care of the kids. You can encourage the emerging adult to engage the young ones and get them involved, or you can simply evaluate how he or she does without any guidance from the adults.

Ikea bookcase (comes with necessary tools) or whatever building materials, tools, and instructions needed for your specific project

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