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Job Interview

15 minutes

Job interviewing; projecting confidence; thinking on your feet; staying calm under pressure; dressing appropriately for the occasion

Knowing how to perform in a job interview is an important skill for everyone to master. One of the coming-of-age participants will interview the emerging adult for a job that would be a good fit for him or her. Be prepared with appropriate questions about qualifications, why the individual is interested in the job, and so on to simulate a real job interview – there should be no softball pitches in this one!

Notebook with interview questions, pen for writing notes during interview

At the conclusion, have the group deconstruct the interview and provide feedback about what the interviewee did well and what he or she could do to improve. Don’t forget to address those soft skills too, such as eye contact and handshakes, whether the interviewee asks questions of the employer, body language, etc. You may choose to have one of your community team provide the emerging adult with a five-minute mentoring session prior to the interview.

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