At Marca Via, our mission is to inspire people to create impactful rite of passage events for friends and family on the cusp of major life transitions.

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Listen to the People in Your Life

This “hidden” activity occurs throughout the coming-of-age event and is tested near the end to gauge whether the participant was successful.

Active listening skills

Throughout the day, both during and in-between challenges, set up a number of different people to have short conversations with the emerging adult. Some conversations can be about nothing particularly special and containing rather boring details. Quiz the emerging adult toward the end of the event (include questions in The Quiz, a challenge that is described in the MARCA VIA guidebook) to determine whether the honoree really paid attention to the smallest details provided by those with whom he/she interacted.

If you plan to include questions about conversations on a written quiz at the end of the event, be sure to plan out the staged conversations so that your quiz accurately reflects the details that are shared with the emerging adult.

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