At Marca Via, our mission is to inspire people to create impactful rite of passage events for friends and family on the cusp of major life transitions.



Mark Life's Moments

What Is A Marca Via Moment?

The Marca Via approach is perfect for coming-of age events, but also can be adapted for any major life transition. Marca Via moments are those times when a person is on the verge of an important transition to a new stage in life. These times often are exciting, but they also can be stressful, intimidating, or confusing. It’s times like these when we want and need the support, guidance, and camaraderie of our community to help us usher in these new chapters of our lives. And a little fun never hurt, either!

By bringing together family and friends and following the Marca Via framework, anyone can turn these moments of potential uncertainty and anxiety into moments of connection, clarity, and support.

Three Simple Ingredients


We believe in the saying “It takes a village…” Community plays a huge role in supporting and guiding friends and family during times of change. And the very act of bringing together a community to support someone’s life transition helps strengthen that community even more!


We often learn and absorb lessons and ideas best when we experience them through a challenging hands-on activity. We use this technique to inspire meaningful and memorable activities for your event.


We’re not all pioneers when it comes to life transitions, so why not leverage the knowledge, experience, and insight of those who already have gone through this before? For a Marca Via event, we ask participants to prepare thoughtful advice from one’s own experience to help guide others.

Marca Via Moments Include…

Coming of Age

The period when a child begins transitioning from childhood to adulthood is called coming of age. The event you create to mark this transition will reinforce skills, lessons, and values that will help the child on his or her way to becoming a successful adult. It’s memorable and impactful because participants create specific activities and tests meant to challenge the young person and inspire self-reflection and learning from their community.

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A Marca Via event is the perfect supplement to a wedding. A wedding ceremony is a powerful and moving affirmation of love, but anyone who has been married also knows there are plenty of practical skills needed to build and sustain a healthy relationship. A Marca Via event provides that guidance in a meaningful way in combination with engaging and fun activities that a run-of-the-mill bachelor or bachelorette party simply can’t provide.

Some ideas include: Uncover and understand your partner’s communication style; engage in healthy conflict; discover your partner’s beliefs about money; manage each other’s expectations; pets or no pets?

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Becoming Parents

The joys associated with becoming a parent are huge. So are the challenges and the questions about how to do it right! There’s so much to know about those first steps into parenthood and it can be bewildering (not to mention exhausting!). Baby showers are great, but often miss the opportunity to thoughtfully shower the new parents with the practical wisdom and guidance they need. A Marca Via event gives the expecting couple a chance to learn critical skills and lessons that their friends and family have already discovered, and can readily be combined with the traditional showering of gifts too!

Some ideas include: Activities around basic first aid, nursing, dressing a baby – the good, the bad and the ugly; how to find baby resources in your community; vaccines; navigating sleep issues, etc.

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When someone’s on the threshold of retirement, he or she can enjoy an awkward office party with cake that tastes like sugary chalk (yawn). Or friends could throw a Marca Via retirement event that brings together the person’s community for fun challenges and activities that underscore relevant issues to successfully navigate the transition from work into retirement.

Some ideas include: Don’t overcommit! How to ensure you’re not busier in retirement than when you were working; discovering your relevance outside of your professional identity; the joys and luxury of reading; community service – finding a good fit for you and the organization, etc.

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Inevitably, we all will face death. Unless death comes suddenly and unexpectedly, we have time to ponder our lives and be intentional about how we approach this final transition. A Marca Via event lets people celebrate a person’s life while the honoree is still living; sharing stories, funny experiences, and how that person has touched lives. Who doesn’t want to attend their own funeral and drink in friendships worth celebrating and a life well-lived?

Some ideas include: Stepped activities to warm up the crowd; first round, people share a story about how they met the honoree or their first memory of him or her; second round, people share an endearing, funny, touching story; third round, people share a toast, a poem, a song, a blessing, a wish, or a declaration about how the honoree has touched their lives; conclude with words from the honoree.

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What’s Your Marca Via Moment?

At Marca Via, we want to inspire people to create impactful rite-of-passage events for friends and family on the cusp of major life transitions. There’s a wide range of major life transitions that can prompt people to say, “This is a Marca Via moment” –moving to a new country, starting a new career, graduating from high school, and so on. The Marca Via framework can be used to create an event for any transition people feel is worthy of marking. The three simple ingredients for a Marca Via event include: community, challenges, and wisdom. What is your Marca Via moment?

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