At Marca Via, our mission is to inspire people to create impactful rite of passage events for friends and family on the cusp of major life transitions.


Marca Via Moments


We have created a specific guidebook for planning a coming-of-age event with plenty of details and tips to help you create a meaningful and impactful rite of passage. Additional guidebooks are on the way for other occasions, but in the meantime you can simply use the principles of the free coming-of-age guidebook to celebrate a Marca Via moment with someone you care about who is facing any major life transition!

The Marca Via approach is flexible enough to help you create a meaningful event for any major life transition. The key Marca Via ingredients are the same: community, challenges, and wisdom.

No matter what transition you are considering, you can follow these three easy steps to create an event that will provide the support, guidance, memorable experiences and fun we all need during times of significant change. Those steps include:


Choose and gather the group of individuals who are close to the person facing a life transition. Engage these people in planning meaningful activities, experiences, challenges, and tests that provoke the honoree in thoughtful reflection and teach about the next chapter of life.


There are new skills and new ways of thinking that the honoree will need to transition successfully to a different phase in life. You can encourage him or her to read about it or listen to speakers talk about it, and perhaps it will all make some sense. But if you create a unique set of challenges that reinforce the new skills and ideas, the learning will stick because it is wrapped up in a fun experience associated with our community of loved ones.


The community that you gather to put on this event will have plenty of useful wisdom to share. They will carefully consider the most important lessons and stories to help the honoree as he or she enters a new chapter of life. Personal and heartfelt stories shared by close friends and family will make an impact in a way that other information coming from less personal sources cannot hope to match.

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