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Strong Body, Strong Mind

15 – 20 minutes

Grit and determination; performing under pressure

Sometimes in life you simply have to find a way to push yourself harder than you ever have before and tap into extra reserves of grit and determination. Create an obstacle course that the honoree has to complete that includes a variety of athletic and coordination components. Consider whether you want to incorporate some aspects that require the young person to perform under the pressure of a live audience (the coming-of-age team) such as shooting free throws or penalty kicks, acing a certain number of tennis serves, or completing a slackline feat. Let the young person know he or she will be timed on the effort. Once the emerging adult has completed the course and his or her time has been recorded, give the participant a limited time to rest (you determine the appropriate minutes) and then tell them they will have to repeat the course again, but faster than the first time through.

All equipment needed for various segments of the obstacle course such as cones, balls, nets, rackets, hoops, jump rope, rope, scooter, etc.

Have someone set up the obstacle course in advance as this activity can take a bit of time to arrange all the props. Also, be sure to plan, test, and even time yourself on the obstacle course in advance to ensure what you envision will work. Grit and determination can be tested in many different ways. Here are a few variations on this test: challenge your child to beat his or her best mile running time or another personal record set in a favored sport; give your child an assignment such as learning a difficult piece of music, a hard science or math problem/project, or a challenging monologue from a play. Some of these ideas require you to give the emerging adult the assignment/challenge in advance, then test their accomplishment during the coming-of-age event.

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