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Time to Camp

30 minutes

Ability to pack a car efficiently; ingenuity; patience; handling surprises

The scenario is that the emerging adult has just arrived home from work and his/her (fictitious) partner announces they are going away for the weekend on a camping trip. All of the gear that is laid out must be packed in the car and room must be left for both of them, their young child, and the dog. The family will depart in 30 minutes and nothing can be left behind. Just as the emerging adult is nearly finished packing the car, his/her partner will announce that a large, inflated exercise ball (or anything large and unwieldy) must be packed too. The honoree will be evaluated on how well he/she responds to this difficult last-minute request from the partner, as well as the overall packing feat.

Camping gear including tents, sleeping bags and pads, coolers, baby car seat, dog bed, duffel bags stuffed to full size, fire wood, etc. Large pumped-up exercise ball (or another unwieldy item) as the final surprise item that must be included in the car.

Before the event begins you may want to pull out camping equipment and pile it in a specific area so you are ready for the challenge. You also could adapt this test and require the emerging adult to both create the packing list and pack the gear, however that will likely require more than the allotted 30 minutes for the test.

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